Sunday, January 10, 2016

My first day of working!

Thank you yesterday.
「♪」・・・please send!

Otokotachino wakare

Nakano zero・・・
first day or working and talking sparkled!!!

it was fun~♪

Talking high like running high!

my pictue in 36th・・・
in Amamioshima♪

meeting with Yocchan about「Toryumon」
「Yunizo Shibuya」cafe・・・in Royal garden cafe.
it is easy to stay here♪

nice everyone!

looks fun!Sawa♪

nice, nice♪

make lesson by Ayana!

if you want to be beautiful,come!
If make is old, looks old.

if you are fun, come!lol
if you are man, buy immediately
quick result than man♪

Mr. and Mrs. Kikuhata, shining. 


lunch yesterday・・・

company meeting yesterday.
Thank you Mizushimasan and Horry san.
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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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