Thursday, January 21, 2016

「Do it, old man!」

i dropped by Hamamatsu yesterday・・・
for visit a grave.

And Shima, Mie now!!!

Nagoya was great time.
Thank you!

「I didn't have any candidate by August but told about CA! Nao chan did`do-n!`to me・・・」
「Are you in the eye of Irimotokun?」
「Time is coming from future. What you see change what you do.」
「Just think. Pigumarion effect・・・」
「Do it, old man!」lol

at Kiccho♪

Thank you Hashimoto san!!!


Kawabuta yaba-i!

Thank you everyone!!!

Hiro from EXILE ora is similar? we talked.

Thank you very much!
Lake land from Kawaguchi lake one day seminar.
We do it!!!20~21th!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Exe count, Nice!

Why opposite?!lol

Yuriya from Sydney who conduct seminar(left)
Nami from Melbourne who conduct seminar(right)・・・
See you soon.

Melbourne on 23th
Sydney on 25th

I want this!

Karl teiz made outside lens for iPhone.
Chech out this spring.


Dolon by Ehang「Ehang 184」is so cool.