Friday, January 29, 2016

Moving to Sydney!!! Nishikiori yesterday was so cool!!!


I was so moved~♪

Thank you Kazusan and Marisan for great opprtunity.

Thank you Namichan so much.

Dai &Aki♪
Thank you!

Performance was amazing!

Movie『Ajizono universe』

Moving to Sydney now!!!
Cheap but cool cloth!!!

What is Planet Nine? "9th Planet" in the solar system.
One of scientist says that  
Stop send message to the universe and exobiota.
You can't go but if some body comes, they will control you.
I think that is true. Taku
Sterility cancellation?New robot for sperm. 

Is god happy about that?
swimming lesson for sperm?
Ashihire robot?! Taku

Direct connect to Net 
Will we be likr this?!Taku

New remedy for bad teeth 

In the world, put fluorine in the tap-water or not. ・・・
Japan is not.
In food?!Taku

Biggest clone factory in China 


I can't believe it♪
Nice I can do this~♪
Thank you so much!!!

I want to eat♪

I want to eat~♪

washing face class♪

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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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