Friday, January 22, 2016

However pain point increased for sure.

write down 100 dreams on your note

Many things changed from what I did in my 20th.

Life which try to make dream come true and 
maintain your presents.

If you think your dream won't come true,
will be so.

「love normal life!」if you say so・・・
you might dreaming normal life.

so dream coem true?
realize or not realize・・・
However pain point increased for sure.

pain point is the point which you hate to be below!
You can't stand・・・lowest point.
pain point increased for sure.

If you think about past, 
the pain point over the dream.

My friend say
「You made your dream come true」・・・
But you think
「oh yeah, right.」

OK, let's chase your dream!
and explode your future!

trip with Ioga kun.
Hamamatsu and Hiroshima in the night.
morning meeting tomorrow♪
and flying to Australia after!

Morning meeting with「Akio Hiramoto」tomorrow!

I am Akio Hiramoto.
Life is symple.
1)「How should we be finally?」
2)「So what we can do now?」
3)「how can we get over?」
to work, private, and every moment.
1)What is your happy?
2)what is your resource?
3)new challenge to grow?
【Sanctuary publishing news】
「Wanted someone sho you want to be authour!

web service for musician and band man 47.

Thank you everyone! 

Thank you!


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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

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