Sunday, November 29, 2015



Jyogakuin in Hiroshima♪
Thank you for inviting Mimasu sensei.

All students were so nice.
Thank you so much.

Their reaction was so good♪
I could find some students were great reaction.
Japanese future is bright.

To everyone・・・
how to make dream come true, 17 methods (Daiwa publishing)・・・

(as) quick as lightning』 is nice.
Thank you Mimasu sensei. lol


one day seminar for Mizobe group!

I was surprised by Mizobe's points.

If you learned by people, you do the same.
Because it is upline's fan club.
You can become until DD(the area which upline can see)
but it is not about length.
If you don't tell about「Business`
terribleness`」it won't shrink.
You can tell people at the beginning but, you have to tell the business. 

Best image makes realize
If you think, I have to imagine・・・
have to, have to・・・but actually it wasn't.

Importance is objective point of view.
If you see yourself from behind, 
oneness miracle happen.
TV camera chasing yourself with consciously.


This is super. Taku

『Rest sometime is

work also isn't it?』

 (Tobe・Yanson  author of Finland Ex. Mumin)

Mailmagazine from Nodacchi・・・

When I went to Northern Europe,
I was moved by information about Tobe Jansson.
I want to go Mumin's world again.

Thank you very much.


Same brain action pattern if you stare each other | 
Science portal #SmartNews
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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.