Sunday, November 29, 2015

After lunch, stil Yakiniku!!!

HIroshima from now.
Osaka in the night. lol

Toryumon yesterday~♪

It was so good!「Mental management」!!!

「Conscious」「Unconscious」「Self image」。

「Conscious」=reflect in the heart
 become oneness if you see you from behind.

 Make it technique to do unconsciously.
 Make it true by right repetition.

「Self image」=「identity」
1)Big Dream
2)Be in a group
4)Gather words

yakiniku after lunch!
2 yakiniku a day♪lol

Lunch people!!!lol

looking forward Australia!lol

Oct Unemployement、substandard in 20years
analyzed by  Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Collaboration seminar with Mental traner, Takayo Ishizu(^^)

Cool, Oyamakun!!!

Thank you very much!

Miracle Onigiri!!!
Yokohama Baystars vs Chunichi Dragons・・・
Looking forward!lol
Son of my friend♪
Super. lol

【Fo'xTails】TV anime『Kurokono baske』3rd ED main song「GLITTER DAYS」Music Clip

CD my friend gave to me!
High quality~♪

Civilian Skunk「That's ON」Short MV

In Menmaji about Yesterday.

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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.