Saturday, September 19, 2015

We have limited time. There is no time which use for others life.

Raspile「Bio marsche」from morning.. lol

How have you been?
It is sooo good somebody ask me like this・・・

She will have an exhibition in Ginza soon.

Rugby W hai♪ looking forward!

meeting with Dunya.
strategy meeting!!!

chicken♪ Wow!!!

Yoko san told me・・・

I thought I want to do anything I wanna do if life is once,
I thought I want to live in overseas.

Used work is・・・
how much by introducing?!
I was in the world.
「What am I doing?」I thought.

She lives in France now.
with her husband who is raising whole and processing.
She is thinking what going to do next.

I heard very interesting story from morning.
Thank you♪

and ・・・
That reminds me speech from Steve Jobs.
「There is no time which use for others life.」

It was fun!
Thank you♪

speech from Steve Jobs 


Thank you♪

Landsat award♪

Thank you kusupyon!


【soccer movie】fair play by shoelace

Tanbo art in Gyoda, Saitama prefecture!

I used go there,
It was so far~♪
It was 20  years before・・・
Is manchan fine?
What people doing there?

↓↓↓continued♪ Steve jobs's speech↓↓↓
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