Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let's make more exciting 30 mins in the morening!lol

Can you watch this first?!
In the morning「about」is fine. lol
Let's make more exciting 30 mins in the morening!lol

   ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓


Eikichi Yazawa Itsuno jidaidatte 


Eikichi Yazawa 51years old  Oyajino kouhukuron

Yazawasan's birthday
mc@bank band `nice`

Eikichi Yazawa-Tomaranai ha~ha


Eikichi Yazawa/Itsunohika with Bank Band YouTube

I like this EIchan♪

「Let's talk about Cyarol!」

「When we broke up our group…」

Eikichi Yazawa  I LOVE YOU OK 1990 Version

If we have a time・・・

Young age Mr. yazawa is・・・

Kumiko Sakamoto told me his greatest for 30 years.

I knew how he is good even I grew up in countryside.
She told me why a lot of people come to him.

Everyone like so get gather every year.
Someone who like him is「We come here by same car every year.」・・・
Someone who like his thoughts thinks「come here by grade up car every year」・・・

We look same but think differently.
I am here in Paris now.

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