Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I woke sudden.

I was sleeping unconsciously.
 Sorry for my late replay!

Today is Tennis tournament!
I will do my best.
at the Ezaka tennis court・・・

I had a nightmare.
I woke from nightmare and realized it is the morning.

I feel like bite sands・・・
heavy gray dream.

Sleeping is the way to touch my unconscious with ease.
Somehow it might be very important the message from this dream.

But after I woke up and some time passed,
reality comes up and get forget what was in my dream.

the message goes away from the other noise.

I try to tune in to the dream 
one more time.
I feel painful the busy.
Yes, it was.

I try to tune i to the positive one next.
I encounter my self who trying to be positive.

I enjoyed Ashiya very much-
Onomichi, Fukuyama and Tomonoura・・・Okayama, so nice~
I was glad I took napー
Oh!Prokanjyanken was yummy tooー♪
the emotions appears now. lol

Wavelength, is this the secret of life?
So what is the message of wavelength I feel like from the future?

One of message came to me:
Not make dream come true by force,
it is just standard to be truth, 
it is better to approach pop and reliable the wave motion.
I see, Isee.

It is wavelength then.


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↓↓↓To be continued and details↓↓↓

ジモモ ニューヨーク