Sunday, April 28, 2013

Leader Self paying seminor@ Onomichi& Fukuyama& Tomonoura


The world of Oobayashi Director・・・
Onomichi Ramen is super!lol

By senkoji Ropeway・・・
Onomichi Suido is incredible!
I like it.

Enjoyed the world of Ruo at Onomichi city museum.
Went to a shopping street passing through the path of literature.

Move to Fukuyama!
Memory of University・・・
This is the place for 4th dorinking~

Time of Laughing,
Best joyー!

This is the bakery where I met with Mr. Ohashi.

Not any more now~!
At the time I was living in「Sun Hitz Kawaguchi」visited since past 30 years.
Somebody living there. It is weird. lol

And then moved to Tomonoura!
Famose for Tai fish! The best published place!
Went to Sensui island~!

This is place for the movie, Pnyo. 
Somehow nice.

Ate Taichazuke and fulfilled! lol
Okayama Seminer began.

ジモモ ニューヨーク