Sunday, March 31, 2013

To Bio Marché from this morning!

Went to Bio Marché from this morning (8am)! with Wakako. She is knocking about all over the world・・・

It has passed 1.3 years since she left Japan?
She is contining knock about・・・

She is from Sendai prefecture・・・
Ready to go to NY from day after tomorrow.

She buys air tickets by selling her pictures・・・
I feel her vitality.

First day in summer time,
Waking of Marche de Paris is slower than usual.

I had breakfast in Cafe・・・

About time to finish breakfast was the time to start of Marche de Paris!

Salt looks yummy!

Also Egg looks Yummy!

Crab too!

Oister, yeah!

Want to drink white wine!

Open it like this here ・・・

the eat it!


ジモモ ニューヨーク
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