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30 things that makes you change

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30 things that makes you change 30th
We can not renew or do over again about past time and life. But we can begin and stop doing something old. You might need stop doing somethig to try new things with new feelings.
I will introduce 30 ideas to do so.

1.Stop spending time with people who are not suit you.

2.Stop run away from problem of yourself.

3.Don't lie to yourself.

4.Stop postpone the important things for you.

5.Don't try to be someone except you.

6,Stop clinging to your glory days.

7.Don't be nurves of making mistakes.

8.Stop criticizing yourself about a past mistake.

9.Stop gaining happiness by money.

10.Stop seeking someone to be happy but only yourself.

11.Don't be lazy for no reasons.

12.Stop thinking you are not ready yet.

13.Don't associate with a person for an inappropriate motive.

14.Don't refuse new communication because you couldn't do well in the past.

15.Don't compete with another people.

16.Don't be jealous to someone.

17.Don't be complain and cower.

18.Don't hold a grudge.

19.Don't be same with someone who are in lower level.

20.Don't waste of time by explaining about yourself.

21.Stop doing same thing many times with no rest.

22.Don't overlook a little beauty in daily life.

23.Don't be perfect.

24.Don't choose easy way.

25.Stop pretending you have no problems, when things isn't working well.

26.Don't attribute your pains to somebody

27.Don't try to be all things to all men.

28.Don't be too worry.

29.Don't focusing on what you don't want to happen. (Focuse on what you want to happen)

30.Don't live life with no appreciations.

When I read 30 things that makes you change・・・I become want to listen this speech.

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