Thursday, January 10, 2019

The reason not to make a decision was "I do not want to fail"! ! ! Synchronization will start to happen! Act with intuition!

Please listen 10 times.

From reading ten books

You had better read one volume ten times.

* I do not want to say that I am writing a book (haha)


Decide to break! Decision

Decide to marry = to decide not to marry other people

I will decide to fail to decide the result will be decided

So, I decided not to decide

Decide = Enter your destination in the car navigation system

Synchronization will start to happen!

Act with intuition!

First, move!

There is no mistake.

Because I reroute.

So I will go on either right or left.

I will act.

I decide "I accept the best life only!"

"What you do not decide,

Sometimes bad things are wrong actions. "

(Henry Ford)

From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...

It is important to make decisions.

I will not make a decision

It seems bad that you are wrong rather than doing wrong things.




How can we make a decision? !

· You can not make a decision even if you suffer from getting lost.

· Insufficient information on resolution.

· I will not decide now that I will not make a decision.

· When to think about when to defer.

· Think about that at that time.

Is there something to get lost? !

It is a waste of time to get lost.

Even if you get lost it will be the same choice

Intuition is quite right.

I believe in intuition.

Try and error.

It is not a failure.

You'd better do if you get lost.

Experience has accumulated, unconsciously.

Most are unconscious.

They become intuition.
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