Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"It's getting like this ~ ♪" "What would you do if you got to be awesome ~ ♪"

Let's see the best possibilities, not small possibilities.

Alan Cohen's word ...

I'd like to get this "the best potential to see".

The habit of thinking like that is important.


I think Bibi looks small.

"I get like this ~ ♪"

"What would you do if you got to be amazed ~ ♪"

Is not it!



Yesterday at the Shibuya head office! ! ! 

After-sales is Celeman of Cerulean! ! !

Meetings also

After-sales was also wonderful!

Thank you!

I was called with Ishihashi's son, Takuya.

Kaoru - san, thank you.

I surprised that how Mr. Kaoru was suddenly skinny.

Small face! ! !

And big matsutake!!!

Sake was wonderful!!!

 It was delicious! ! !

No, I'm sorry if it's only delicious.

I'll do my best! ! !

Philippine team came to Kanto!!!

Sendai group too!!!

Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you!
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