Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I have confidence. There is no pride ...

· Kagoshima event

· Goals for the next term

· What you can do now

· Twitter is still fun

· Hiroshima recommendation event


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Yesterday was Kagoshima.

After finishing work of Remember Hope at Shibuya head office,

I got on an airplane to flutter and Kagoshima.

Yotchan participates for four consecutive days of events! lol

 Kagoshima of the big rice. lol

It was fun ~ ♪

A small dealer of after-sales after a cutlet on the evening ...

I ate too much.

Hidemi! lol

Your smile is everything!

Steo for the future〜♪

 · Making friends

· Deep drilling if you care

· Let's learn the thought

Yesterday, stabbed words ...

"I have confidence.

There is no pride ... "


I get up early in the morning and head towards Okayama.

I am doing my best to get up at 5 o'clock, are not you?

Today is tea in Okayama ...

And an event.

After that, ate Shodoshima ramen,

Moving to Osaka after tea!

In Osaka doing an event meeting with student kuns · · ·

After that, after the tea apot, participate in the event.

Dinner is ... What is it?


Tomorrow I got up early in the morning

Since raising a chicken ...

To Yamaguchi, and to Hakata!

This season (from September to next August)

I have various goals in multiple ways ~

Finally I thought that I got used to that view of the world

Sludge falling from hands ...


I'm going to do F 30 which I got last accounting.

Kagoshima also became time to contribute to it.

And today's Okayama & Osaka ...


Try to F75 at a different angle

New count series ...

The landscape changes as I think I will do.

I think that I will do and the future will change.

In fact, what I found it was

The goal for the next term (from September next year) will not be in time if it is not over now.

I need a picture ~

Such a thing

I write it mischief

There are lots of things to understand by writing ~

Dear relationship, Thank you!


I was in a state of neglect for a while

I started using it because of Yoshchan's stimulation.

As expected,

Information is exciting with Twitter.




This is cool! lol

This event seems to be amazing! ! !


All the acquaintances are guests! ! !

Do you want to go?

Hiroshima's event! ! !

I'd like to ask for tickets discounts!!!

↓↓↓Staff Ban


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