Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We solve the problem "past myself" and "adult myself" by "facing each other"! ! !

 Ibana Chabac's

Seminar @ Manila

I participated!

 Please call back yard

Secretly take a picture! ! !

A famous director in the world ...

Coaching of her direction

It is a world like therapy!

Because I could not participate on the first day, 
tool a lecture with Mayumi and Tetsuya! ! !

 People at the bottom of the conversation

I always compete with "win over the opponent".

Doing this work ...

Every time I speak, I punch for my opponent.

And, "I won ~" to dance! ! !

Dance Victory dance.


Broadcast "the purpose of conversation"!

A unique method called "emotional diary".

It seems that this was used in the scene of murder ...

"I want to be killed by you, because why ..."

Write it on paper, then write with the pen moving! ! !

One cookie's acts.

How to extract information from deep consciousness.

* It can be used in various phases in everyday life.

"I do not want to work, why?"

"I want to achieve this goal, why ..."

"I will have a turning point tomorrow, why ..."

There is a root in taboo.

Sex, homicide etc.

Do not act. ≈ real

People want to see dynamic people (= charms).

Depressed → overcome energy overcome it = appeal

People want to see it.

 This seminar of Ibana

Organized by certified instructor Manila Ryan.

Ibana 's seminar given by TV station.

Participants are actress actors.


Impressed by Ibana setting a safe place.

 As mentioned above,

People are doing "winning" by conversation.

Especially scenes that become hot · · ·

Prepare paper between them and say a word

Put a "red dot" on the paper.

"I do not dislike you! Huntsu!" By doing so, it is a point! ! !

"It will not be your fault !! Hun!", Led! ! !

Acting changes dramatically!

 In this scene "What is the real purpose?"

Pure man Friends fell in love with girls I love.

It is a scene that I confide to my best friend.

Best friends worshiped as a master of love

I can not say frankly as "congratulations".

The true purpose is "I want to be worshiped from him."

The purpose of the character is

I want people to be regarded as "able actors".

"True purpose" may be violated by it.

The substitute of this time

"Brother" = My brother took a favorite person (= mother)

Cute girlfriend = mother

Pure Friends = Brother

When setting an alternate person

Acting changes.

In the middle of performance ...

When talking about her naked body

"Try to imagine your own body now,"

Ibana will propose "not acting" even when crossing the details.

 About murder.

Cut the human breasts you want to kill,

Open ... ... open the ribs and put your hands on the internal organs.

Go through the organs and grasp the heart.

Put it out.

Squeezing the heart that is still moving, feeling body temperature.

Anger reaches its peak and becomes a hyper condition.

As the performers concentrate on acting

The connection with the person playing together ends.

Connect with your opponent and go get it from the other party.

The theme was "Take back my mother" this time.

I was married while my girlfriend used it as a girl.

I do not know what is going on.

It is thrust down in the darkness.

A casual reunion after a long absence.

With surprise and embarrassment ....

"You should have said you congratulations ..."

Ibana stops here.

You should not play.

This is "a scene that confronts her while suppressing anger".

"Who is the substitute?" Ibana hears.


Mother who went overseas leaving me, "he replied.

Ibana is

Then, think that she is a mother and tell her thoughts.

At the beginning he started talking with a heavy mouth and he gradually cried.

At that moment, the voice of "Scene, start!"

His performance from there was amazing.

"You should have said you congratulations ..."

Words are squeezed out with completely different energy.

Emotions pushing up my heart distort his expression.

She responds in the midst of feeling it.

When the scene is over, the hall gets a big applause.

A lot of people were crying.

"I saw amazing things!" Is my impression.

It was awful.

It was just awful.

The paint of our emotions is

I think that they are almost in line with 'experience as a child.'

In the face of a similar scene, returning back to that time, copying it,

We color the reality before our eyes.

Here is also the reason why the reality is difficult to change.

Real is not happening now.

 The next speaker is

Both of them are cancer.

The end of life is approaching.

He tells her that she loves you.

Ibana stops there.

Back to childhood

"I love you" to my favorite mother

Please tell me to be embarrassed.

Tell her that she is a mother (= substitute).

To a mother in a coffin.

If it was true I would have wanted to tell you when I was alive.

His energy changes.

She is also a singer-songwriter.

What kind of lyrics were written and Ibana listened,

Let the word from the speaker tell her the words as that lyrics.

At that moment when she touches her heart, she gets wet with tears.

The scene started again.

I feel a completely different feeling from the previous one.

It is transmitted.

It is transmitted to everyone.

Ibana 's production is really amazing.

Surely doing this

Sylvester · Stallone (→ I mistook Shuutsunega) I wonder why I was taught Ibana?

He was a physicist actor of Rambaud and Rocky

He also performed the brilliantly nervous role

I wonder what was done using my past paintings ...

Using paints already generated with alternatives.

 Audition after 2 minutes ...

What if you were given a screenplay now? Ibana to the question that ...

· Think about the purpose of this scene

· Think who's the alternative

· Think about the scene in front of the scene to be played

Ibana tells you that you will never lose curiosity.

I can keep making paints.

Also, convey the importance of emotional diaries.

It is. Because ... and leave it to the pen afterwards.

When thought came out, I turned the page,

Start writing to a new place.

I added that the pen seemed to be magical.

When acting

Now, use what is happening and give advice.

Every day, I am waking up various things as paint.

Why do you do that?

↓ ↓ ↓

I will try an emotional diary.

why? ! You will know.

An unexpected answer ...

An actor ...

There is no place to be safe in the real world.

take risk! ! !

Ibana says he should take the risk.


Do not become a victim!

Say that you can let go of the victim consciousness.

If you play homeless

Do you need a homeless experience? To the question that ...

Ibana says it is not necessary.

Why did that person choose it?

Life is an option.

I became homeless. Because ...

Write an emotional diary.

I go to pick up "it" inside of myself.

And I will play it in paint.

Albury who took the Academy Award in "Chocolate".

Award for the first black ...

I used past experiences (those that naturally spring up).

The problem now

By "past myself" and "adult self" to "face each other"

Resolve! ! !

Originals of emotions made by past myself (= myself in those days) = paints

My present self (= adult self) face each other and solve the problem.

Because I am awake.

What can I learn?

How can it grow?

How can I become a better person?

To think about.


It was a truly wonderful seminar.

I will come to Japan next February.

Please join and learn by all means by all means.


It was amazing! ! !
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