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"Rotate the robot and pretend to be me !!!" One robot era for the family! The era will change dramatically in the last ten years! ! !

A report arrived from the toy! ! !

The University of Tokyo Moral emotion mathematical engineering

Commemorative lecture to start joint research

Professor of Tokyo University challenges

How to teach "judgment of good and evil" to AI

The theme of

I participated in Professor Zheng Yuichi's lecture.

In the first place, how good and bad, moral is defined,

I was talking about that

Brains not normally used

I tried hard, I used it ... lol.

My seminar report.

To understand, a lot of parts that require some time w

↓ ↓ ↓

☆☆☆ What are the problems of existing morality?

High school = There are problems and answers.

... university = neither problem nor answer. The problem is infinite · Coarse visualization

Unresolved problem in morality.


"Who decides that why not murder?"

"Is war or the death penalty acceptable for murder?"

= Defend society VS Defend your own life

Is there no moral principle common to diverse human beings?

= There is no moral system to support globalization

I will classify the stance against morality into two.

* Moral model with emphasis on society

"There is an ideal society, there is a determined morality there"

Religion, tradition, custom

= Divinity of the (specific) society. (Right wing)

* Moral model with emphasis on individuals (after Descartes)

"Morals are decided by individuals"

= Individual's desire - emphasis on the inside. Denial of society. Originally, I am not interested in morality

Individuals are separated from society and positioned higher than society

Individuals with "freedom" and "reason" are the protagonists

Actually "deification of individuals" (leftist)

Both ... ... I can not balance diversity and morality.


☆ ☆ ☆ Do you have fundamental principles in morality

What are the common terms of various religious precepts?

○ Murder NG

○ I will not steal people's things

○ Do not deceive people

== In short, "Do not give harm to people"

But ... not guarded by war and the death penalty

In other words ...

People ≠ biological humans in general

Human = fellow human

"People = fellow human beings" In place of this, the common rule for every society

In other words, morality is the law of the inner rings of their companions.

Familiar with friends.


Recite encounters

There is no harm

Familiarity (sense of security)

= Collaborate together as a companion, it seems possible to divide labor = fellow consciousness

(Repeat encounter, virtual also enters)

Animals, objects, landscape

= Fellow consciousness, none

Basic principle of morality = "Make me like friends"

○ Individual code (think behaviors like friends = range of friends)

○ Common rules (Do not add harm to colleague = qualification of fellows)

Normally, do not distinguish, to mess up

Judge "fellow likeness"


Difference between humans and animals.

Scope of human morality = Morality is applied to people who have never met, people who will not meet from now.

It is not the content of morals, but the adaptive society is different. (Animals cherish only kinship)

* Changing to relatives or direct encounters

Why, humans do not meet or meet in the mega society so far

Do you have a colleagial consciousness to other red people?


There is a connection between feelings beyond time and space-time with past great men

☆☆☆ Connection between morality and words

Essence of characteristic of words = Third person · Tense

Time and time and space can be crossed

Human language is sociality itself.

= Basic concepts are shared. Information beyond time and space.


 ☆☆☆ How about towards the future?

* Mixed-born children tend to increase.

* Virtual colleague consciousness also ambiguous, variable

☆ ☆ ☆ Relationship between greed and morality

Dimensions of morals = ranges of fellows = Scope of empathy (provided that it is qualified as a fellow)

As Maslow's theory,

Since criminals are also satisfying self-realization desire,

Professor Zheng,

I thought about what added morality there


☆ ☆ To spread new value axis

* People do not listen to what people say (especially for morals, haha)

* Spread one "casually" using a robot, which is installed in a family

↓ ↓ ↓

** The highest-dimensional moral engine is mounted on a robot which is a mass of a sensor

** Measuring the dimension of the opponent "leading individually and naturally"

** Look at the swing of the robot and fix it! ! ! (Especially children)

Dreaming of a future like this

I am making a moral engine with Mitsubishi.

Moral emotion mathematical engineering


Q: How can I raise the moral level?

A: Just by recognizing Dualitiy, the level goes up.

Actually, I will get it when I see this! I am making a movie.

Q: How can we determine the moral level?

A: I have not taken any data yet. How much you have spent with people from different cultures,

I believe that they make a big difference

One robot to a family,

It definitely comes in.

The era changes greatly in the past ten years

Common rules, individual rules ... It is difficult to separate.


For children, I'm breast or doing what I teach you = thinking experiment

Although it is out of the main subject,

The current medical scientist expresses it as "I" including intestinal bacteria

In other words, I wanted to dig further and listen!

not yet

There are many parts that you can not chew

I also read books! ! !


Thank you for the report. Taku

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