Thursday, July 5, 2018

Soccer begins ♪! Do not try mental control with mental


It begins! ! !


"All that is

Begin with a wish. "

(Martin Luther)

From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine

From 'Wishing'

Everything starts.

Please write down your "wish list". 



Do not try mental control with mental

↓ ↓ ↓

Mental is made from life
When life is disturbed mental is disturbed
When life is in place, mental is also set up
"Mental control" is to control living
When mental control is mentally done, it will only be exhausting mental
So mental theory is merely violence
Be careful not to impose mental theory on yourself

What are the things that a woman who can do work everyday thinks?
It is just one "sleep"


It is a seminar organized by Mr. Fujita!

↓ ↓ ↓

I call a Neko Hiroshi and I will perform a charity talk live.

Because I was moved by the Neko 's challenge,

I planned to have many people know about that as well.

I definitely think that I will receive a shock that will change my life

Please look forward to it!

Guest: Hiroshi Neko, Saito Tsubasa, others

"Dream lesson

~ Charity Talk Live TSUNAGARU 」

Date and time: July 21, 2018 (Saturday) from 18 o'clock to half past twenty

Location: Meguro Small and Medium Enterprise Center Great Hall

Hiroshi cat 's challenge is really touched.

Cats of this day, thanks to gags from me organized by the organizer,

More than that, I asked him to tell me how to realize my dream seriously.

I think that it will be like a dream full of excitement.

Let 's share many learning and emotions with the cat and Tsubasa - kun.

For both students and society people, I want to realize my dreams, to many people

I would like to share this wonderful time.

First of all, please take a look at the picture of this cat thinking it was deceived.

↓ ↓ ↓

The application place is here.


Tachinobu Umeda

The 35th 【Psychology and Motivation】

He holds a Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology at Arbiz University in Florida, USA, and serves as Associate Professor of Statistics at the University.
In Oregon State of the United States in 2014 get treatment qualification. Human psychology professional who has been treating since 2007 and has accumulated 30 countries, more than 3,000 dependent treatment and criminal rehabilitation.
Miami City Police, FBI, CIA have experience in conducting research assistance. In recognition of his accomplishment of reducing drug-dependent population in 2017, it receives the award from Jupiter City, Florida.

According to psychology and statistics, by doing research on brain science, he creates a process of "engraving any message into the brain" based on research, and is known as an expert on neuro-marketing (brain science marketing).
In recent years, we offer seminars to companies and organizations such as General Electric Co. (GE), Reuters, ANA, 24HR fitness, Lions club. In 2018 more than 190,000 people attended from more than 40 countries.

Published "April 2017 - Time to sell - the remaining 39 seconds brain can not be broken" "unbeatable sales system", become best seller of Amazon best sellers and each book store.


7/3 Tue 18: 00 ~
If applicable, a millionaire's nimble ant! Characteristics of 'People who can earn more money'
The article of Takumi Yamazaki will be posted ~ ♪


Laughing, deep ...

Two minutes video and yummy.




Thank you everyone!

Thank you!

This is funny・・・lol

Thank you!

Shibuya day was hot too!!!

After MTG "Wolf gang"・・・

Meat, meat, meat・・・

I was impressed by the true talk! ! !

Congratulations ♪


I learned this morning! ! !

Curry udon!


This event

Oh my goodness!

Outdoor festival in Odaiba on 7/8 (Sun)! ! !

In the event that more than 50 DJs in Japan participate, 5384 of Osaka Ex, Ishima Ex also appears in it! ! !

(Distributor can enter at ¥ 3500)

  (Application method)
Postal code address, name, telephone number, number of sheets clearly stated up to here deroom


3rd place!!!
Thank you!

Thank you!

Sugoi girl!
Thank you!!!


Neko san was great! ! !

First of all, please take a look at the picture of this Neko. thinking it was deceived.



At the Azabu Juban office "It was a party to learn Yoshida Chairman Yoshida Source"! !

 Watching the story of Yoshida's story with everyone!!!!

Yoshida's story

Everyone is equipped as standard

It puts fire on guts, passion, guts and nature.

To Mr. Yoshida who left Japan 50 years ago

I feel Japanese people 50 years ago! ! !

Good old Japan

Learn from people who have gone abroad!

Thank you Nagata kun!

I heard this movie is good!!!


To Toyota.
I went to watch V league!!!

imeji Victorina! ! ! Miku, cheers!!!

16th is her・・・
Ahead setter!!!

Great appreciation for appointment from pinch server!!!

We went to Okonomiyaki with everyone! lol

It was fun~♪


Seminar at Ehime!!!

Thank you.

Hamamatsu T-shirts・・・


It was fun~♪
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.