Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sleep wonders !!! Actually seven hours seems to be good. Either 4 hours or 8 hours seems to be unchanged.

Go Final!!!
good. lol

Sleep wonders.
Actually seven hours seems to be good. Either 4 hours or 8 hours seems to be unchanged.

This is a mortality rate! ! !

It's 4 and 8 hours together.

Women sleep for 5 hours and men can sleep for 4 hours.

In the daytime, physical labor was a prerequisite

Because now there is nothing

I do not need to go to bed.

Actually I just need to lie down.


Every day, make time to enrich your soul.
Alan Cohen says.

When will you enrich your soul?


First, I want to take an hour off at the hotel before lecture.

I want to spend time alone at the hotel.

Open the personal computer,

Listening to music,

Taking a shower · · ·

The soul prepares for the speech.

I like such time (laugh)

I like massage.

After a few minutes the consciousness begins to melt.

Then I am connected with a different world

Start absorbing new energy.


"the job

Life is paradise if you enjoy it.

If suffering it is hell. "

(Gorky Russian writer)

From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...

I, work, like!

But I like off too. lol

Today I go out with a bag!

Sushi in Nagoya · · ·


"If you praise people,

I can be equal with that person. " 


To lose something to praise

There is a person who thinks.

To praise ≠ to lose

Praise = equal


Praise your eyes!


Humans are born full of motivation! ! !

Adults around me

That's it!

Do it! .

If you can

I was praised "You did it well."

It seems that children are disappointed when praised.

I am doing it for myself.

So, when you are disappointed there are people to analyze.

It seems like "I was able to go"?

It seems that you should not give things.

The thing that is the most useless is being scolded.

I am scolded for being scolded for what I did for myself.

Than gifts

Motivation is stronger.

Motivation is low motivation.

Self-realization desire is higher.

"Your efforts can not be changed to things."

Hitomiri = Strategies to get parents care


Thank you Okayama yesterday!

It was fun!

Good luck Kurashiki group!

That's right.

That's right.

I got a strategy meeting in Yamaguchi. lol

Takamatsu group♪

From morning・・・at cafe!

Okayama → Takamatsu

Moving from morning!!!

See you.






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