Saturday, July 21, 2018

Interested in the opponent and ask questions! Then, if you ask a question the energy value gets higher and you can control the place!

Today is Endo and Mr. Talk Live @ Tombstone! ! !

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Interested in the opponent and ask questions!

Then, the person who asked the question raises the energy value

You can control the battlefield!

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I wish I could do it!

Do people move with just argument? change?

You will not!

Knowing that way

I know about myself.


14 days

16 hours

To talk

I've done it

Everyone in 30 minutes

What can be used! ! !

I will tell you today.

Which turn will the person decide in what order?

I will hand you the tool.

Precedence is important

Tools are not important

What is it used for?

Problem discovery is important

Tools are not important

I want to improve human relations

Everyone is thinking

There is a person who wants to become a figure

That · · · "Interesting person"

For example

Many stories to talk about

I've done something special

In reality

Everyone is experiencing

It is natural in myself = it has an interesting story

I do not know the point

Each 30 seconds

Please make sure that the other party remembers

= Impact amount

I will never forget it once = grab


From here it is the real

A story not to be heard in everyday life

"What does the other party remember?"

It depends on the recipient's way of receiving

understood? Did you remember?

"You are ..." telling you what you remember

If you forget it is not your fault

communication ability

Case that I remember a different thing = What is not common

Why 30 seconds? = Elevator pitch

Wall Street = I have no chance to meet new people (too busy)

Who is yourself, what kind of benefits do you have with your opponent?

This is a high standard

I am watching two devices that can not concentrate on brain science

Sumaho and TV

I can not ask you that there is no impact

Trying to be interesting = ❌


Interested in opponent = likes it

Do not talk about yourself

Continue to be interested in other people = successful people

30 seconds

Ask questions to the other party

Continue to! ! !

Let's try what will change!

It is not interrogation! (Lol)

Where is it different? = Do you have an interest or do not have it?

With a smile

Energy quantity is

The person who asked questions is higher than self-appealing

The one with the higher energy "regulates the place"

Which energy is higher?

People with depression are high in energy

Depression for 20 years, fairly high

High persuasive power

Control of energy is a question

I will do it to control the battlefield

The center of the universe

I would like to talk about myself.

Provide opportunities to talk about yourself

It is liked from people

Become an influential person

Required by people

Control the spot

Gokkon, 20% get married

Ask questions to various people

Offering matchmaking ... There is such a person

Power to connect people with people = network science

Presence called "hub"

Become the most powerful person in the network

Everyone will be affected at the moment of influence that person

Age and position are irrelevant

How much will it connect with "hubs"?

That person has only 4%

There are only 4 people out of 100 people

If you connect with that 4 people you will be connected to 100 people

Hub is not a leader

Leader is not affected person

Become "hub" by being interested

When asked, "What are you doing?"

39 Pitch starts! ! !

So what do you talk about? ! But, it is the deciding factor! ! !

Interesting story 30 seconds

I will make a decision to buy your idea

(I will buy or introduce)

Talk for 30 seconds, then, silence for 9 seconds! ! !

Time when the brain is processing the story heard · · ·

Unconscious wants to talk about myself

Interested partner = Interested

How can we make it a habit?


Yesterday's Osaka seminar was

It was hot with a lot of amazing people ~ ♪

I also linked with the story of Dr. Endo this morning! ! !

Group meeting in the room was great too!

Make the front!

Such a strong feeling of everyone was overflowing!


Do mosquitoes do not work if the temperature is above 35 degrees? Earth Pharmaceutical answers
07.18 21: 05 Purpose

There is a hot summer, but posts saying "Mosquitoes can not work if the temperature is above 35 degrees" on Twitter, "A big response" such as "Is not it being stabbed recently if it is told" and "Is it stung in the evening?" I am calling. About the post, Nogata Education Division confirmed with Earth Pharmaceutical that it got the answer that "Mosquito is the most active when the temperature is 25 to 30 degrees and movement gets hurt when it exceeds 30 degrees."


"Weekly Asahi" scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 31
In the book review column <attention bookshelf>, "Sorry! How to earn
It was decided to be introduced! !

Thank you!

Also also in the yesterday's TSUTAYA business book rankings
I went up to 13th place.

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