Saturday, July 21, 2018

French Kana ~ ♪ · Water mill and Momentum generate electricity. Mirror reflected in mirror Reflect yourself in mirror

Today I work at Amphra in Gangnam ...

I told you two things. 

A tale of the process of accepting that Yamasaki Takumi who can not accept the fact that opportunity is coming.

The judgment of my young young man in my twenties is the gap between "a story where life settles on in a few years" and "a friend who is going to work long."

From motivating and not motivating · · · to "stable motivation" · · ·

· Water wheels and momentum generate electricity

· I reflect in my mirror reflected in the mirror

For details, it is written in "How to earn money!" ! !

【great! How to earn
Just reading the first one, I will get pulled in
I am looking forward to reading it ♪
Just now, I carry around, I am beginning to read the skimmer time ('ᵕ' *)

 Thank you!

(Sugoi girl♪ waiting!)

Which book have you read?!

"Access code to success"

"Luck Textbook"

"Motivated switch"


"How to earn"

"Motivational switch practical seminar"

"Emotional switch"

"Traveling trip"

I am worried about this next door, "It will be OK even if it gets fired tomorrow!" ! !


Talk live with Ayumi Takahashi of yesterday

It was awesome! ! !

After all the talk of pace feeling "lively feeling tingling"・・・

Takumi Yamazaki who thinks "I want to protect at least now,"

Takahashi Ayumi thinking "Bytes and family can eat" ...

"A slight difference in judgment" of that gap gives birth to the fun of talk. (Lol)

There is no correct answer.

What is the correct answer is life.

 Nodasan is interesting! lol

"Because I got older

It will not stop playing.

Because you do not play, you get older. "

(Bernard Shawn Nobel Literature Award Winning Artist)

From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...

Pounding on Lotte's "bow!"

why? ! lol

Kawatari Dori ♪

Really, thanks!!!

 Thank you very much for coming from Japan!

How was it? !

Write comments using "Review of amazon"? ! lol

I do not know how to write Amazon reviews! ! !

Ah! This, Am Ramen @ South Korea

Often delicious!!!

Ju's son (next month edc)

It is the Korean version "One meeting"!!!

Dad is a scientist ...

25 years ago? !

"Takumi Yamazaki at the age of 26" at the time of disturbing ...

Do you know which is Yamazaki Takumi? !

Interpreter, thank you.

Really, energy is "pretty" is not it? ! 

Snowbob with abalone · · ·

It's diagonally before Ampla @ Gangnam

Tofu is bad!

Pretty crap!

Is it the number one in life? !

If that tofu can be realized in Japan ...

I definitely think that the water wheels turn round the momentum.

Are the enemies "Mister Donas", "Komeda" "Fuji Soba"? !

A luxurious "morning" to you! ! !

I want you to eat!

That tofu's "Yuba" "Okara" would be nice~

The taste of the morning is "pretty bad"!!!

By the way, "Korean girls" in the next room was amazing!

Energy was overflowing, indeed, it was amazing!!!

Really, it is the most energy award of yesterday! ! !

Do your best! !

With family

Around the world···

Everyone's a dream!

Really, Jimmin team is also cute!

Is this mask, good for a yabbuckle? ! 

Should I make it with Ammask? ! lol

Printing method, print design proposal · · · Taku
person, I am waiting for contact.

↓ ↓ ↓


Thank you everyone!

Thank you.


Thank you very much!

Tomorrow is "I want it" in Hiroshima.

Okayama at noon · · ·

It is France, is not it?


Croatia is wonderful though.

There are also such e-books. lol 

\uc0\u12472 \u12514 \u12514  \u12491 \u12517 \u12540 \u12520 \u12540 \u12463

Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.