Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The important thing is to "live politely."

Yesterday we had a seminar with Mr. Kitamakon!!!

After meeting was yakiniku · · ·

"Around the house Nishi Azabu head office"
Nishiazabu 2 - chome 24 - 14


The important thing is to "live politely."

Toilet, polish the entrance! ! !

beautiful person

People who earn same frequency

■ Looking at the beauty, the beauty that you see twice

= Smile like the sun

A smile is an effort.

Even if there is a sad thing ...

When I got up, it stretched! ! !

Incorporate oxygen.

Cat's pose

Thank you for waking up today! ! !

Strength of facial relaxation Voice practice Practice eyebrows Show eight teeth Cheek up even crowded train!

The same frequency attracts

I can meet lucky people

Happy people in front of you

Gesture, work is also important

More efforts are required for nearby people

Praise three things that praise you (to say, change the expression)

■ Relaxing beauty

In your wallet, all new cards

Also discard unnecessary points cards

Receipts are organized daily

Donate using small change

The bag is also always beautiful

When you return home, will you feel calm?

Front door, I will not put anything

Around the water, a kitchen, a bath, a toilet

Shiny objects are shiny

■ beautiful heart

There is a person who can not live tomorrow

Body is borrow → So thank you for yourself

Energy is easily transferred to water

While saying "Beautiful!" Toner


Shoulder blades exercise

The upper arm also gets shrunk in spirit

Heart rate increase = throb

Attract with gratitude! ! !

Thank you for participate♪

"Humans are,

To the best of my efforts

It is lost. "


From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine

People who are not hesitant and people who do not work

It can also be caught.

Lost is a barometer of effort. lol Taku

It was fun isn't it♪

 I went to her nude model exhibition!

It was nice!

nice time in Hiroshima!!!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone!


Your happiness is not what happened in the past,
It depends on what you do at this moment.

Alan Cohen is saying this.

What will you do at this moment? !

What has not happened in the past!




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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


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