Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Go over the tax revenue of the country, the bubble? ! 60% of young people "private priority" than work "to cherish others more than necessary.

I think that love is a fellow. "
Today I will go to 24 people and "Anselseen"! ! ! 

Yesterday was Hakata ...

Flight delay.

Will it make it? With the incident.

After all, I made it.


Yesterday we all went to "Asakusa lock seat" ...

I went searching for "Stone woman".

In a sense, it was my first Asakusa experience. (Lol)

There was no gloomy world, it was a magical world with a high degree of perfection.

"Why are you here myself?"

"Why do people think that they want to see a woman?"

Wandering into "philosophical questions" when you notice it.

4 performances a day ...

Once you enter it you can see it even 4 times.

Some people who watch all performances with Gatsuri by bringing a lunch box · · ·

not yet

Discharging while feeling shallowness of insight (haha)


Everyone at passionista ♪

happy Birthday!


National tax revenue, high level of 26 years since the bubble period High level 58 trillion yen level
06.24 11: 41 gettyimages

We found that the national tax revenue (general accounts) in fiscal 2017 will reach the late 58 trillion yen level. It is the highest level in 26 years since the fiscal year 1991 in the bubble period.

The Treasury initially anticipated 57.7 trillion yen, but it will rise by about 1 trillion yen. The main factor is the increase in income tax and corporate income tax revenues against the background of strong corporate performance.

The national tax revenue will increase for the first time in two years. Amid continued expansion of the world economy, income tax revenues grew strongly, in addition to the spread of movements in wage increases due to good corporate performance, gains on the sale of stocks by investors increased at the share price. Increase in corporate tax revenues taxing corporate profits also increased.

Yomiuri Newspaper


Sixty percent of young people controversy over work "Private priority" net
06.24 13: 14 gettyimages

About 60% of respondents who asked 10,000 men and women aged 16 to 29 in the Cabinet Office 's announcement on 19th that "priority is given to family and private rather than work" It increased by 10 points more than the survey six years ago.


Tax revenue is up, young people give priority to private ...

It is going to be European like this ~ ♪




From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...

"Things about others

To cherish it more than necessary.

I think that love is a fellow. "

(A · A · Milne Children's literary writer in the UK)


It is more than necessary.

According to need

It is not love, is not it?



Within 10 seconds 0 people Kiryu and 6 others
100m10 Jie this season is Sugoi Asahara Kenji "Is this Japan?"
There are six Japanese who ran within 0th 10 seconds this season.

Beijing Olympic Games 400-meter relay copper medalist Mr. Shoji Asahara is surprised at Twitter "Is this Japan?"


The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has decided to prohibit the "proliferation" which is used for the next work by the seeds and seedlings cultivated from the seeds purchased by the farmers in principle. In violation, it is "a fine of not more than 10 years imprisonment, a fine of not more than 10 million yen"

Does this really start? !

The seed is dangerous!

We are eating "vegetables that can not have descendants".

~ Noguchi's shop owner Isao Noguchi

Quote source)


I have learned that these 3 buckets of nutrients are in "tx".

Thank you!

Thank you!


 Thank you sugoi girl!

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