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Let's succeed in 'habit' rather than 'success' with 'way of thinking', 'strength of will' and 'emotion'! !

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New program Beautiful Journey of Uchiyama maroka starts from 0 o'clock tonight
Hamasaki Ayumi, please listen to the broad positive story of Mr. Uchiyama Maroka who was doing great in the former back dancer of Kumi Kumi!

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Like this···

"Way of thinking"

"Strength of will"

I do not succeed with "emotion"

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Let's succeed with "custom"! ! !

What is important is "action" = "do it"

The easiest way to get started is to get started! ! !


In keeping with the person who is suffering

Also drowning with a drowning case.

That person's trouble is

It is not the subject of trouble

What I am in the troubling emotions.

What is the person's goal?

What emotion is the feeling when I reach the goal?

First, feel that feeling ...

When I utter a word while feeling that feeling

People suffering know the goal of going.



Mens are 6 years old!

No matter how old I am, Mens are a 6 year old child!

"Sounds great"

"You did it well,"

If you say "Yoshiyoshi" you will be pleased with Sukari!


People are mirrors.

Someone wants to think that person is great (I want you to recognize it is great) and I will do my best.

It is fine to a certain position.


You are a mirror for those in front of you.

How are you reflecting that person?

= How do you know that people are recognizing that person?


People gather

People leave


When you enter a flock, it stains in its color.

If you dyed red, it got red.

An insurance business operator

I bought a helicopter, a counteruck, a cruiser.

I meet people who own them.

One day,

It is transmitted as insurance is done

Get the strongest customer.

No one can copy it

Great technique! ! !


Do not monetize your core business!

"Difference" will not work if it is the same environment.

It is not a genius to have monitored in the core business.

To a place you can not avoid becoming a genius! ! ! BY Mr. Akihiro Nishino 

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from morning

It was a truly exciting time!

Thank you very much.

Kaori, Shun ...

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From Nodacchi Mail magazine

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"The law of a person who does not succeed! What? "
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I heard some interesting stories in a lecture.

Who fails?

I tried to advance things with motivation

Who will succeed?

I try to advance things by custom.

"At first, people make habits,

Then customs make people. "

John Dryden

So, how can we become a habit?

This is the law of tooth brushing.

Until 2-3 years old, when brushing teeth

Rampage like an exorcist, I dislike it.

After that,

I will continue doing it without hesitation.

And when you become an adult

If you do not do it you will feel bad.

Habits are

First of all, I will continue doing it.

Either 5 minutes or 1 minute

The trick at that time seems to be good if you decide the place and time.

Next is

Decide place and time, involve people

Even though I am not feeling well, when I thought that I do not want to go

I will make a mechanism to go.

It is good to have a minimum of three people and to have voice multiply.

After that

It is okay as it is being kusumi.

Anyway, making a habit of doing the same thing

Life changes drastically.

One more

Who fails?

Many people are in the state that there is no mentor or master.

Why is that?

Even if you do not meet

It seems that it is not because the environment does not match.

The best reason is

"Because it is not obedient"

In other words, it is somewhat untrustworthy.

Therefore, I can not become obedient.

Because it is not obedient, I can not trust my master or mentor

I can not make mentor or mentor.

On the contrary, who succeeds

Everyone has acquired the character "honest".

Mr. Konosuke Matsushita

Dr. Yukio Funai also said that the condition of success is "straightforward".

What is "honesty"?

It is the ability to accept things you do not know.

"There can not be such a thing"

"Otherwise, my way of doing is better," it does not work.

So, what should we do to get a lifetime mentor or master?

First of all, it is "honest"

Being cute is most important.

A friend's bestselling writer, Ken Honda

"If you are invited by someone who wants you to become a mentor

I say that there is only one reply

It's a premise that "When?"

I will schedule the schedule is not good.


Mentor, even if there is no lower person

I am trying to give you a chance.

Those who do not receive that opportunity

I can not be cute.

And since there are no perfect human beings

Mentors are not perfect, but they will keep up with people who are not perfect

The honesty of keeping seeing the nice place is important.

And, as a mentor and teacher can do

I am really happy.


It is because people can believe more about yourself than you.

When such a person is near,

Life is going to be a better thing

Is not it easy to imagine?

Don Dong, self-affirmation will rise.

So, I want to make this person a mentor and a master

If there was a person called

· Make an effort to make the schedule anyway.

· Busy people, those who can not put a schedule, can not be cute.

· When meeting with a mentor, leave all the later schedule vacant

This is important.

By all means to your life

Apart from parents

Please get a mentor and a master.

Life changes dramatically.


Thank you everyone!

Thank you.

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