Sunday, February 25, 2018

How to achieve →Law of choroi. Anything, do you think a little? No, I will say that it a little. One action that will make a dream come true for successors who make 300 million copies → "Tell a dream to 100 people""Whether you can say a little or not."

Today is Collaboration Seminar with Mr. Mochizuki ♪

A dialogue can be seen here! ! !

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I can not see solo

Please have fun! ! !

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Mochizuki-san of the treasure map ...

There was once debt of 60 million yen.

Its weight is also in the body (atopy) family

Vision of the Future

Let not only letters but visuals = treasure map

Life changes when you have a dream

More specifically, dreams are easy to come true

From 2D, 3D

You should do a simulated experience

Do your job for the sake of the world (Mr. Takeda Takeda)

National language


Treasure map · · · Treasure map at school

Time to keep dreaming ... 0.2 seconds

How many times do I let people give up? 0.8 times

The way to achieve

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Do you think anything, Choro?

No, I will say that it is choro.

"Whether you can say a little or not."

Successful people who make 300 million copies

The only action that makes a dream come true

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"Tell a dream to 100 people"

Talking to 100 people

Approximately 10 collaborators will appear

I listen to 100 people.

Then, "What is your dream?"

Big, small relationship not relevant

I dream that you get excited

What is your dream?

A mentor that leads you to heaven

What is your dream?

Strangely good

Suicide (15 - 24 years old)

Three times in the UK

Twice as large as in the US

I want to give hope!


Mr. Sakurai's "Dying if sleeping" also overlaps ... Yaba excitement! !

Mr. Yukio Mishima sensei

Professor Yasunari Kawabata

Mr. Kiichi Matsumoto sensei

Professor Shuzo Endo · · ·

Sakurai Seiji was edited in charge of teachers who can not be! ! !

Thank you for your teacher.

I wrote a novel "The Gate's Gate".

Really, it is a treasure of life! ! !

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Yesterday's seminar,

Thank you very much.

Yuka who is good at connect people♪

Thank you very much.

It was the best!
Thank you♪

Ruri chan!!!

Yesterday, coaching notes

Because it was crowded, I could not buy it・・・

Excuse me.

Coaching note · · ·

Just writing it,

Just by answering questions,

I know!


Knowledge of yourself

Become a person who knows yourself.

What can you learn?

Huh? !

Is that so?

... with guyguyi

As watching the strongest movie

It will be pulled in. (Lol)


The hero is "you".

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↓↓↓This is the law of choroi too?

Your goal? !

Easy! ! !


Fighting consciousness and physical strength.

He continued seeking "consciousness reform" to "break the shell"! ! !


"I am such a coach, it's my job to say that."

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Do not eat donuts! Awareness reform of the Dutch coach Fruit fruition

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<Pyon Chan Olympics: Speed ​​Skating> ◇ 21 ◇ Girls group overtaking finals

Japanese girls won the gold medal of a long-awaited gold medal with the Olympic gold medal won by the Olympic new record of 2 minutes 53 seconds 89.

【Photo】 Sliding of three Japanese women who are unimpaired

Johan David (38), a Dutch pro coach, rescued the Japanese skating world, which was sluggish. In the spring of 2003, at the first meeting of the new organization which gathered coaches and staff of the national team, we made the goal to all participating players. Time, ranking in the competition .... However, I answered "Easy" for all answers. What I felt was missing in Japan is the consciousness of fighting and the strength of the physical. He continued to ask for "consciousness reform" to "break the shell".

Body fat percentage aimed at 9 to 10% for boys and 20% for girls. When I found a player eating a donut inserted in a lodging house, he got angry with his face turned red with "I do not intend to take a gold medal." The amount of meal, sleeping time is also managed. In the endlessly intense exercise, voices of dissatisfaction spread from the players as "Junior high school student's club activity" spread.

But without hurting, the Japanese Skating Federation also asked for change. I pointed out the waste of the transit time at the expedition and asked for more trainers. Even if I refuse it because of the budget, I did not withdraw easily, "I am such a coach, saying it is my job."

When the results came out, everything started flowing in a good direction. In the 16th season, rival countries were surprised at Japanese athletes who are steadily increasing their record. The sweetness that existed in the players disappeared, and it was born into a fighting group aimed at. Miki Takagi talked about the commander, "There are lots of parts that I think are valued and greedy against the game." The Japan Skating Federation is calling for a continuation towards the Beijing Olympics in 22 years. Mr. Yuda strengthening director said, "It was a wonderful encounter for Japan, it was changed because it is Johann who does not compromise," and looked back on the four years like Arashi.


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