Tuesday, January 9, 2018

It is my job to clear up the clouds on my head. Exhaustive life! ! ! lol


Add friends to LINE! ! !


Bali is erupted by burned birds ...

Intercontinental Hotel is also closed for a long time.

Saudi Arabia too

It has become a serious thing.

New York is a cold wave.

Sydney is over 47 degrees in summer.

There really is a possibility that surprises may occur.

The recent earthquake in Tokyo was a bad way to shake.


Will the world suddenly change in the 2040's and Japan will lead the world?


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Rockefeller Foundation is starting to pay money to organizations doing permaculture

How to prepare food at the time of the food crisis, whether it is a house prepared for sea level rise, what to do when the infrastructure runs out ... ....

It is not quite different energy comes out

Change dimension and take out

The biggest big science is taking place in Switzerland

I think that the world civil society will occur seriously in the 2040 or 50 's.

The appearance of a Japanese leader pulling the world

"Japan enters the EU" = global union

At the end of the 2040s, at the end more than half will become Islam__________________________

I diid a seminar talk at Shibuya yesterday! ! !

700 to 800

I was in a packed!

Rice is "Lianyuan" @ Daikanyama

I love yakiniku!

Favorite food···

1) Grilled meat

2) Ramen

3) Pork cutlet

Today is a pork cutlet in Kagoshima! ! !

I also like oden.

Yakitori as well.

Udon, pasta, okonomiyaki too.

Powder hurray! ! !

I also like hamburger and fried chicken (lol)

Children? ! It is often said.

I ate at first time!!!

Yesterday morning "Map check"

It was personal consultation!

It is my job to clear up the clouds on my head.

Exhaustive life! ! ! lol


The day before that ...

"Noda & Tomochin New Year's party" at the Azabu Juban office

was fun!

A Principal at K Company gave me ballet instruction. She is Ayumi Shiraishi! ! !

Isn't it great?!


Thank you everyone!

Thank you!
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