Tuesday, January 9, 2018

If you want to level up change your brain.

If you want to level up

Change the brain.


Rich brain


Poor brain


To make rich brain ...

Change the environment.

Change information.

Change the brain.


All causes are in myself.

From the viewpoint.


The honesty is the greatest intellect.

Can you give advice to action?


If the brain does not devise, it automatically selects "keep the status quo".

That is the functional habit of the brain.


Understanding it

Devices are necessary.


Change to rich brain.

Change to a successful brain.

Change to realized brain.




From Noda Tsuchi Mail magazine ...


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"What kind of year is this year? What should I be aware of in order to succeed in 2018? "
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The Yomiuri Shimbun announced the ten major news that the readers choose.

Ten major news in Japan in 2017

【1st place】 14-year-old shogi player, Shigeo Fujii new record of 29 consecutive wins

【2nd place】 Emperor withdrawal exception law passed. Withdrawing at the end of April 19, to May amendment

【3rd place】 Yokozuna Japan horse Fuji retired with assault problem

【4th place】 Ms. Mako engagement announcement

【5th place】 Rep. Victory in the House of Representatives election. Constitutional democracy becomes the opposition party first party

【6th place】 100 meters on the ground Kiryu, Japan's first 9 seconds range

【7th place】 Kanagawa · Zama 9 apartment cut at the apartment

【8th place】 Birth of Panda at Ueno Zoo

【9th place】 Cabinet support rate plunged due to "Mori"

【10th place】 Rare village in the 72nd grand champion





Ken Honda 【New Year's present movie seminar】

"How to find your own dream, how to achieve it"



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