Monday, January 29, 2018

I truly love her blog!


I truly love her blog!


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【Things to know for the first time by living alone】

· As soon as you leave the room, it gets scattered

· No one will wake up even if you stay up late at night

· A man who does not do housework is Kas

· When you notice the holidays that are evening are empty enough to reach lethal doses

· Embarrassment of bustling friends

· It is very inconvenient if the refrigerator is small.

· Also think long to buy one mayonnaise

· Convenience stores are celebrity shops

· Paradise supermarket before closing

· Tissue is a luxury item

· There is no electricity putting on

· A favorite letter becomes a bankbook

· Realize that life is buying with money

· Mother-chan! I think from the bottom of my heart

How much is the rent? How much is the utility bill?
It would be better to live by myself if it is a salary that can calculate food expenses, expendable items, etc. and miscellaneous expenses

I think that it will be impossible to luxury like I have ever done
Bingo is the real feeling that "I am alive" when I live by my own power
It makes me feel happy that the "living" feeling

This is no exaggeration or anything
The world really looks changed
Life perspective will change much more than traveling to developing countries
Of course it's not easy but it's fun

Once you have experienced it is better to live alone
The difference between those with and without experience is great

Anxiety is a matter of course
If you have a bigger anxiety yourself will change a lot
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.