Monday, August 14, 2017

What you are doing is bursting and it becomes a big wave.

Today is Hakata.
Damage caused by typhoon, have not it come out?

Tips, tricks, tight tricks ...
What you are doing is exploding and it becomes a big wave.

Can you believe in your own "nice future"?
It surely comes to people who believe.

Writing a blog · · ·
Walking visiting customers ...
Keeping in mind what I saw before · · ·
Continuing to respond politely · · ·
As you go on, buds will surely come out and make clean flowers bloom.


"Knowing facts" · · ·
It is not looking for a criminal or looking for a bad guy.
I want to know what kind of thoughts the forerunners connected their lives. 

 "Living you,"
The fact of detention in Siberia
I interviewed Mr. Mochizuki who told me in a music drama.

Many visitors were crying.

Sammy's song was great!!!

Everyone's impression
The preciousness of life, human foolishness, human strength ...

What really matters in life
It is a delicate thing filled with palm.

The complexity, diversification, value of informationized life's values
It was time to be simple.
I'm really thankful to you.

Mr. Keiji Kawashima who met yesterday ...
Next time, I will go to Mr. Chage 's live
It seems that he was traveling nationwide with Mr. Chage on last time.
Mr. Keiji Kawashima who is a master of skill · · ·
It's amazing and I was surprised!

↓ ↓ ↓


Please listen.
The waist will come off ♪

Because of the lack of manpower after the unprecedented "

I am indebted to each other! ! !



Thank you!

Minato came back from the U.S.!

When I feel regretful
Next energy.
It will be kept!!!

Everyone in the baseball club,
Is cheers for good work!
August 21 ...
Tokyo Dome, it's pounding!

Juniors at the track division ...
It is a meat party in Matsusaka on the 14th (laugh)
Thank you.

On August 15th
From 20 o'clock in front of "Shin Ming public hall"
It is bon odori!

By all means,
Please participate in Yukata!!!

Thank you!

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