Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I am tired from "I'll do my best!" I feel comfortable if its fits. lol

I am in Nagoya for 3 days! ! ! lol

Beginning in the morning ...
Night, and late night!

I do not mind this, because
I have been there for more than 30 years.

I am tired from "I'll do my best!" I feel comfortable if its fits.

What is work?
Job = what I have to do

For what reason?
In order to eat ...

What is fit?
instinct! ! !

I can not stop loving ...
I do not want to love it ...

Long ago, Kino san said that
What you think you should do is
You are choosen by work
I had been shocked ~

August began.
Are you overflowing with "love" this month?

Last month, There are people who tried their best and resulted in good way.
Some people have grasped something.
Congrats! ! !

Some people regretted last month and some people have tears.
It is double folding time.
"I want you to return to that day!" I could have done it ...
When is that day?
What will you start if you return to that day?

Actually I knew at the beginning of the moon is not it?
Close your eyes and go to the end of August.
You know what?
Take a psychic inside of you.

How does it start in September?
What is the favorable situation at that time?
Why do not you try hard?
What should I believe?
You can do more.
Are you excited about your possibilities?

once again,
Please read the content of the seminar by Keisuke Oshima!


What is the secret of achievement? 
Listened and I answered


No ...



There is no one who can not do ...
Everyone who does not make it.

Ahead of schedule
Ahead of schedule

Then you'll do it.
You do not have to resort to a miracle.

Achievement is "delight" ...
Re-achievement is "financial strength" ...

In a blister
If you have economic power it will not be cool. lol

For attaching,
Practice achieved ...

Well, what is the future "ahead of schedule" that you should start now? !


<Pablo Picasso's Kotoba>
+ ------------------------ +
Long ago my mother told me this.
If you become a soldier,
You will be a general.
As a monk,
It will be a pope.
And when I became a painter,
I became Picasso.

- Pablo Picasso -


The people
Always buy with high price! ! !

When it crashed
Buy at high price.

Even when it goes up
Buy at surprising high price.

Stocks need money
The throwing word is free.

I would like to buy at a high price ...

There is no need to become a judge.
Let's become a buyer at a high price!



Thank you Takumen!
Middle woman is a shoes designer, Takako san!

I wear her shoes・・・

If you stay at NY♪



Coaching note...

[Takumi Yamazaki WEB SHOP]


Thank you for everything!
A story about manga of "Michiha hirakeru" is raised ...
I'm so happy! ! !

The contents are the same as this ↓ ↓ ↓
17 Laws to Fulfill Dreams (Daiwa Bunko)
I want you to read it! ! !

It is a work called a business writing that makes us cry・・・

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