Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Are you excited about your possibilities? enough to get nosebleed?

Collaboration seminar with Keisuke Ooshima yesterday.


Keisuke Oshima san・・・
supporting baseball students・・・
Four schools are decided to be in Koshien! ! !

Mie / Tsuda Academy / First appearance
Kyoto · Seiji High School / after 19 years
Fukushima · Saint George School / 11 consecutive years
Akita · name Sakura / first time in 8 years

Many who cherry blossoms have retired as director several years ago ...
Baseball schools and others were being held.

However, I could not give up Koshien,
Let go of the head of the principal, to the name cherry blossoms ...
Everyone opposed relatives and the surroundings.
Only the wife who cheered me ...
To the name Cherry blossom with the feeling in my heart.

It is not students who have to change
I was ...

A great transformation from the Ogres director.

Prelude ...
Letter of gratitude ...

Mr. Oshima ...
Brightening Japan from a pub for 30's
Possibility of a child in his 40s! ! !

Work here ↓ ↓ ↓

Q: Are you excited about your possibilities?
Possibility = Power of the Future
If it is assumed that 100% is excited enough for nosebleeds to appear ...
What are you now?

Q: Are you excited about your potential?
100% excitement = excited too much to sleep

Q: What is your most dream come true now?
I want you to watch this CM here ...
↓ ↓ ↓

Q: How did you feel about watching CM?

Q: What have you cherished your dream come true?
The secret to making your dreams come true ...

Can you be excited about that dream?
Can you get excited?

I am not excited because I succeeded.
I am excited and succeed!

Anyway it 's interesting! ! ! ! BY Let's have it

Q: What do you hate dreams?

Dreams dislike 'seriousness'

How to draw out possibility = get excited about the possibilities
Here "Prelude"
Be pleased first! ! !

Softbank's grandson also
Celebrating the success of the project first
Start hanging out in the room

Cherry blossom viewing time is also
Also Bon Odori
It was a celebration of autumn harvest! ! !

Q: Today after a year ...
It was a record high year! ! ! !
Please share what kind of year it was! ! !

Q: Serious premonition
Serious rocking scissors! ! ! !
To feel joy everyday! every day! ! !

After Yoshisha, if you bend forward
It turns to me! ! !
If you concentrate on one point, concentration will improve.
Kuwata players concentrate on the seams of the ball

What is possibility
To notice your own value

Question for junior high school students ...
Is it worth yourself?
7% answered that there is ... World worst one
I am a bad person ... 70%

Are you excited from the morning?
The more you get nosebleed! ! !

What hastened the reconstruction of Japan ...
Radio gymnastics
When I take a morning sun from 6.30 am to 7 am
Serotonin is triple secreted
There used to be Japanese gymnastics to polish Taneda in the past

The brain has more than 100,000 PCs' ability
People going to the University of Tokyo and those who are not so
Everyone is the same brain

Q: Why is it different?

Difference in what kind of DATA is input to the brain.
The difference in life is a difference of belief
Self-belief in belief
It is the difference of what you believe

Difference in life = difference in beliefs (= difference of what they believe)
Belief = self image

How many times are you sleeping now that you are demonstrating?
Actually, I sleep at least 30,000 times more.

I was weak mentally.
I appreciate it.
So I learned ...

There is no useless human being
"Your power is not such a thing"

Three to increase chances

1. I realize my possibilities and get excited
In the future of the future, to grow yourself

2. I'm excited about my dream. Imagine what has come true
Practice = practice how to rejoice
Who are you going to report to?
If you take the examination call a parent
How do you tell thank you?
How will my parents respond?
How do you feel?

3. Who do you want to please?
I trust people from the bottom of my heart!
I believe in the possibilities!

Picture of Billigial

The power of the teacher, big!
The power of the leader, big!

Difference of custom · · ·
While I was born there is no bad girl
So morning gifts are wonderful! The habit

What do you think about looking at a bad child?
Are you excited?
Can you be excited about the possibilities of that person?
Do you really think so?

No damned child
I just have a bad leader
Lifestyle is all

There is no baseball in baseball
Baseball is outside baseball





Children will shrink if the director is a frown ...
If you give that advice ... ↓ ↓ ↓ results

It was the best seminar! ! !
Thank you!

Mayumi Kabamura 
A little picture is not good, but ...
The air is transmitted, is not it? !

The book "Children's Brilliant" came on sale! ! !
Everyone, please find it~♪


Practice during rainy・・・

 Thank you everyone!

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