Monday, July 3, 2017

Leave Rikuzentakata, move to Otsuno.

The time at Rikuzentakada was a strong impact.
In this flatland ...
The city is already visible to them.



If I visit here next year

It will be a place of different impression at all.
The city where their eyes were visible
It has become a form that everyone can see.
After five years···
After ten years ...
What kind of city is it?



 Leave Rikuzentakata, move to Otsuno.



Before the corrugated coast

There is Amway House.
Beyond this pine forest
There was a beach before the tsunami.
Now the sand is gone ...
I can see the rock.
Can we reinsert sand here?
I feel that there is a branch point for a big future here.



Light for hope・・・



We saw from hills・・・



city here used to be・・・

People coming back a little by little.



 variety of marine products!
Ika rice, this is the sensation of squid ... It is delicious!  (Lol)



Thank you Mark san for 2  days.



Move from Daigo to Hanamaki Airport · · · 

Iwate prefecture is just as big as Shikoku. 

Moving is always an hour and two hours. (Lol)   

I flew from Hanamaki Airport to Nagoya by airplane! 

I borrowed an office and held a two-hour question-and-answer seminar! 

It was limited to 100 people, but it was air of Munmun.   

Everyone ♪ 

Did words get into your heart properly?




With Yuko Miyaki and Masashu Kusu, Muraisan, Takeuchisan・・・


Thank you!


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