Saturday, May 13, 2017

Please join "Takumi University"!

There are plenty of things I do not know yet in the world.I like the moment when I was able to "know" that I did not know.To change "ignorance" to "know".It is because you can taste joy, excitement, surprise, hope by knowing. 
Thanks to you, I am blessed with opportunities to meet people from a wide range of genres.To that extent, I think that withdrawing knowledge is increasing more and more. 
I want people to experience the knowledge I received as much as possible.I want to share it with many people.From such a feeling, I continue to send videos and sounds all the time.That number is pretty!  
When entering "Takumi University", you can see and hear all of them.Every month, one coin (about 500 yen) I can see and hear this number of videos and sounds,It is like getting the path of the large library of knowledge wisdom. lol Sound of the seminar held in the past,Dialogue with nice people,You can hear a lot of ♪ ~ ♪ 
If you have not entered Takumi University yet,Please try entering it once by all means~!!

Here for it.
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 Audio list up to date

<Asataku Collaboration Seminar>
· Guest: Tetsuo Hatta
· Guest: Tomomi Hasegawa
· Guest: Aya Ishiguro
· Guest: Yoshinari Noda
· Guest: Tsukino Toyokawa
· Guest: Akio Hiramoto
· Guest: Hohoko Asami
· Guest: Shungo Oyama
· Guest: Maki Oda

<Sanctuary Publishing Collaboration Seminar>
· Guest: Sayaka Sawanobori
· Guest: Masayoshi Itoga
· Guest: Mariko Oshino

· Guest: Kaneko kun
· Appeared on Aki's podcast!
· Guest: Endo K. Takamori / Ms. Kento Omori  New

The voice that will be uploaded in the future here ↓

■ Voice (to be updated sequentially)
· Takumi Yamazaki & Akiyo Kiyohara interview
· Takumi Yamazaki & Yumiko Ishiguro interview
· Takumi Yamazaki & Yohei Takimoto interview
· Takumi Yamazaki & Kiyo kun Skype talks
· Takumi Yamazaki & Ruriko Tachikawa Collaboration Seminar @ Asataku
· Takumi Yamazaki & Chinami Izumoto Collaboration Seminar @ Asataku
· Takumi Yamazaki & Mimi Collaboration Seminar @ Sanctuary Publishing
· Takumi Yamazaki & Igetto Chieko interview
· Takumi Yamazaki & Ayumi Sano talks
· Takumi Yamazaki & Naokick interview

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.