Thursday, April 13, 2017

"Yarukino bodies" Will make it for the summer?

A morning pioneer from 7:45 in the morning!
Today Izumoto Chihiro ♪

Her installation is this!!


This was content!

「Motivational body」


Train Oshiri and Onaka!
Will it make it for the summer? 

70% muscle in lower body ...
Squat is the best! 

The back does not turn ...
30 times in every 3 days.
Toe is outward.
Firmly lower,
It sinks again before my knees are stretched.
slowly, slowly

Secretion of growth hormone ...
The back stretched out,
Hair grows

Onaka is drawing! 

Under Heso ... around Tanden? 
Tighten as hard as you can!
A few minutes! 

Encounter with meta secret!
"Everything that is happening is invited by myself"
I can not accept it for the first time, but for a month, I try・・・

Life began to change!

"I want to serve girls all over the country!"
I want to tell "I'm realizing thinking".

I can not be confident that my mind will not change.
I can not be confident that my mind does not change.
I can not be confident that my way of life will not change.

"I want to become a nice body"
"I want to spend happy life every day"
Which one is the priority? 
↓ ↓ ↓
Accept yourself now!

How to do diet is important · · ·
But what is important is "consciousness"!

Both exercise and diet are "customs"
Change customs!

Take pictures of your Osiri!
Consciousness is up!
It is beautiful that Osiri is going up! moteru!

From the story of a diet
There are many stories about thinking and consciousness!

Ideal body ...
Myself ...
What is it like? 
What is the goal?
It is important to be a fun image!
Why make a body?!

I live with my own ideals and from now on! 
People become myself according to their own thoughts.

I will play from this moment! 

Serotonin is secreted as the mouth angle rises.
Every day will be fun!


Diet restrictions → the best enemy of stress diet
'Restricted' 95% eat
If you restrict it, I want it 1.5 times, I want it

From "quitting diet"
To 'doing diet'!

Stop 10 *
Reduce it to 1/3 ○ You can do this

A little less!
Allowing Diet

I want to eat sweets
To the department store without going to a convenience store! 
I buy a chocolate of about 1000 yen per piece.
Quality and quantity are different! Do not limit it too much!
Then I will not eat it soon ...
Brew tea, take shots and eat cherishedly
Because it is satisfied it does not become stressful.

I decided "I will do it here" in the notebook, and round red.
It changes from 2 times / week to 2 months
Humans are made of what you ate
I am in tune as I start to change
In 66 days "Become a habit"

I like myself = glitter
Light comes out from the inside
I will face my strengths!

What is the purpose of living?
Live my values

"What do you want to do now?"
I will give it a try.

What you appreciate now!
I am happy now!
Naturally now ... It is filled
Happy being an important person
Thank you
I get stressed

What is your dream?
What is the ideal life?
Write in a notebook

No matter how I live my life will last・・・

Wonderful time!
live with your value!!!

Kirakira everyone!!!

Thank you all the staff!

Nice seminar yesterday too!

Thank you!

In NY!!!

Yosumi kun's book!
with Honda san・・・


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.