Thursday, April 13, 2017

When the mind is decided, the landscape changes ...

Chika's decision・・・

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Crown Ambassador's decision!!!


Contents of level "thought" Output

The first level
 I want someone to do          Nothing changes

2 Level 
where shopping can be done if it can be enjoyed comfortably

I can do it

3 level
temporary exemption for regular cars that is not necessarily easy
Level you want to do if there's a way

4 level Even if it is not easy, How can I do something?
I want to find out.
A level to succeed without a reliable method

Even though things to throw away, you want to try but make it successful
Level of successful SME

6 level
Even if you throw away, transform large companies wanting to do
you can achieve a large business success level

7 level 
We would like to try even if we put on life
Social, national and historical change level

Chika is looking 7 level, she said.
Do your best! 


I got so much energy, good energy!

I am glad we could talk about gold leg!

Good luck!

Thank you everyone!


Coaching notes
First, factor yourself! Please try it.

He is also an individual person,
He is also a man,
From my mother I am her son ...
There are many discoveries just by looking at yourself by role.

And ...
It is a dream or a role of each one.
I did it again on the airplane. lol

Coaching note · · ·

Just write
I understand who I am start changing.
Just writing,
I understand my situation now, the future will start to change.
1,296 yen (tax included)

Please try it.
Somewhat different thing comes out from what I thought
I was impressed, alone! lol

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