Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nooooo♪ I became 52 now.

I am 52 years old now.

April 9 · · ·

Really, thank you.

4/9 Karaoke party. lol


Thank you in Sapporo♪

drank in Meniyoutei・・・

meeting was great too, right? lol

Thank you everyone!

Karaoke too!!!lol

The surprise was a surprise. lol
Future forecast Figure 2, It was lovely

From now on too long,
Thank you.

laugh! lol

lovely present・・・
Nakashiro san~♪


I am glad we could celebrate together!

Satoko Fujiwara ♪
Morning, early from ...
Yamazaki Takumi, deep emotion!
Thank you very much.

Returning from Sapporo,
I went to listen  Matatabi Enka.

a power meeting with Tokkie ...
With the story of "Gold Leg"
It was exciting! 
This story,
I want to do more so
I will take pictures tomorrow! 
Takui Group,
Have fun! 
It is not possible to be in various places
I am indebted to you.

I want Masacurry sticker!!!



Life is beautiful! 
Thank you!

very nice!

In Australia!!!

Yamaguchi too!!!

Thank you in Shikoku!

In philipine・・・


Yeah! My name in the news! This year's goal became reality!
And a friend ... Congratulations.

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