Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Do not do it if you do this! I Woke up!

Meeting with Joyce, who is from Thailand・・・

English meeting ...
I was screaming! lol

What I thought today is ...

"The goal is first! The way is after!"
Once you decide, the way will come later.

Even if you are trying to reach a range that understands the method.
I can not escape from the curse of maintaining the status quo.

I woke up this morning.
I woke up.

Do not do it if you do this!
I Woke up! 

You can be a diamond when you concentrate for 2 years.
People who take a long time are taking time to make decisions.
After deciding, you can be in 2 years!

I see.

Lunch was also delicious ~ ♪
Argento ASO
3-3-1 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo ZOE Ginza 8F

The excitement of everyone who participated was amazing ...
I was stimulated a new part of the brain. lol

Thank you everyone!
From the morning, thank you Nao kick.

Mr. Noda,
Thank you very much.

Keiko is becoming a blouson san. lol

Thank you!


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"Today is the day,

The day of tomorrow

It is worth two days.

Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today. "

(Benjamin Franklin)

From Nodacchi mail magazine

I see.
I read this when I got a little sleepy.
Then I am awake now. lol


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