Monday, March 27, 2017

It is only a dream come true, is not it?

The time of the Shinsaibashi office yesterday was exceptional・・・

I had a wonderful time!

Why Gambaru?
Why will you live?

1) What is your goal?
2) Why do you want to achieve that goal?
3) What kind of future is waiting for it to come true?
4) Who do you want to tell thank you? Why is that? What is the scene that tells it? What can you see?
5) Who do you want to? Why is that? What scenes do you draw in detail the scene that the person is pleased with, in words?
6) What social contribution does the challenge lead to? What kind of social impact can be given?
7) In the past, what have you experienced yourself by impressing yourself?
8) What kind of things are important, will this challenge make sense?

I met with everyone in the baseball club!
But Japan was regrettable ~ ♪

After all baseball is an error and a foreball.
There was no force difference.
Japan was doing amazing baseball.

Thank you for all participants.

Wasn't it fun?!!!

Did you have a picture of yesterday?
Grilled meat photo!
Scientific girls' appeared in Kansai!!!

Thank you in the lunch time too!

with comedian.
Okonomiyaki lol!

Donbei is so good.
I had never stayed in Namba.
This time half, expedition team!

Takumi Yamazaki・・・
Namba's attractiveness〜♪

To your time,
Thank you very much.
Magical notebook technique! 
By putting it on schedule
The way the reality looks changes! 
That's excellent!

Oh! Thank you everyone!

Wa- I wanna fly to sendai. lol

Yamazaki Takumi,
Knowing yourself,
Knowing the future · · ·
Writing type, I released of dream activation note! 

Coaching notes by Yamazaki Takumi · · ·

By just writing,
You'll understand who you are and start to change.
By just writing,
You'll understand your situation now, the future will start to change.
1,296 yen (tax included)

Shooting of a recipe book, good tired?
Keiko Gohan (temporary)
I am looking forward to it!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.