Friday, February 3, 2017

Yamazaki Takumi ✖ La Cousette collaboration felt camouflage tote

I is a little left (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**

★★★Takumi Yamazaki Produce Tote ★ ★ ★

Yamazaki Takumi ✖ La Cousette Collaboration Felt Camouflage Tote

2 felt material is ridiculously light and plenty. 2 sizes.

Takumi Yamazaki has printed a character "God of the Time and Space" in NY with a solo exhibition one by one!!!

~ For those who purchased ~
We will present original picture of Takumi Yamazaki with special gift to 1 person! 

● After filling out below, we will inform you of the purchase method by e-mail.

【Amount】 Khaki: 9,720 yen (tax included) / Blue: 9,180 yen (tax included)
※ Shipping will be cash on delivery

Since reply to e-mail of purchase method
* In case of application from mobile, please accept reply mail from e-taku @
Application address
* Subject: Fest Camouflage Tote
*Postal code:
* Destination address:
*phone number:
■ Large / Small
# Number

************************************************** *
Product Details
Takumi Yamazaki will produce 1 piece, hand printed work.
The texture print of the actual product may differ slightly from the photograph.
Please acknowledge it.

⚫ Blue SIZE: W 31 H 25 D 15
Product weight: about 280 g
Lifting hand rise: 16 cm
Material: felt
Khaki SIZE W37 H30 D15
Product weight: about 360 g
Lifting hand rise: 16 cm
Material: felt

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.