Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Extraordinary result" ≠ "extraordinary effort" /// "extraordinary result" = "ordinary things are perfect"

"Extraordinary result" ≠ "extraordinary effort" /// "extraordinary result" = "Do perfectly ordinary things."

"To make extraordinary results,

I do not need extraordinary effort.



Normal things,

It only has to be perfect. "

(Warren Buffett)

From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...
How wonderful! 

"Extraordinary result" ≠ "extraordinary effort"
"Extraordinary result" = "Perfectly do normal things"



Today I had lunch with a table tennis girl, Sakamoto · · ·
And wine from daytime at Kenzo Estate.
Drunk! It feels good to have a nap!

Shinkansen heading to Sendai now.
See you soon everyone.

However, Mr. Sakamoto is interesting.
Life and business of table tennis are various and interesting♪

Thank you everyone!

A method of meditation that anyone can do ...

1. Sit on a sofa, chair or floor with a comfortable posture. Because I like the floor, I sit on the floor, but my husband is a sofa. I'm sitting on my sofa with zazen. Meditation = There is an image of zen meditation on the floor, but an easy posture is okay.

2. Close your eyes

3. Start chanting your own mantra. Let's say you have chosen the word "aloha". Start chanting slowly without saying "Aloha, Aloha, Aloha, Aloha ...... .."

4. A little clutter comes up in my head little by little. "There was frozen squid in the refrigerator ... what I should use it ..." from what seems to be "what should I use?" "No, I can not have a boss today, I am frustrated!" Or something about a child anyway. As soon as a mind begins to emerge, I start to chant the mantra again. A little and a mantra goes somewhere, and there is also a doubt, so I will recite a mantra again. This repetition.

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