Monday, December 19, 2016

Watch person as person or things.


Interview with Akine Kiyohara yesterday!

She is Cameraman and specialist of cleaning♪



Thank you!

I will update in Taku University!

It will open in Dec 24th~♪



Thank you for coming secretly in Oskaa! lol



See you in Osaka。



Congratulation, Kaki P!



This morning・・・

Asataku with Touyama!!!

wonderful day!!!



We cried・・・




Artificial action...

Thinking inside...

People know it.


You want to be estimated but not・・・


People know that.


self affirmation!!!

start is fake yourself.

=want to do something for somebody. but can't it and start self affirmation.

=I'm not bad.


Watch person as person or things.

Watch person as person・・・be the person.

Watch person as things.・・useful tool.


We feel it. Watch out!!!


Why we think want to do for others?

those cause

「conscience/sense of justice」

「can do it」

feel for you!



Everyone see ultra man and Kamen rider as hero.

But if the hero is kind to everyone?

See people as people.

firstly, see yourself as person.


fullfil yourself first.


Up your satisfaction then you can be kind to others.

Like yourself before others do.


We overcome by yourself, not by others help.

Let's say 'Thank you.' and 'You're welcome.'



Everyone who participated.

moved so much♪




Yuki Mukai participated. 

I am so happy! lol


Tsukino children! 

This must be good. lol



Yamamoto miso nikomi udon・・・

Love it! lol



Thank you Makichan!!!


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