Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Taku ☆ JAPAN "New fan site opened!

Taku ☆ JAPAN "New fan site opened!

A new fan site that is a new attempt by Takumi Yamazaki was opened!

 http://taku.jpn.com/ This is content.

"Takumi University"
⇒ This is a paid site for enrollment system.
Valuable information will be gathered one by one to Takumi.
I always thought about sharing them with many people.
By entering (joining) this Takumi College this time,
Using commuting time and rest time, you can easily obtain those information.

<What can be learned at Takumi University>
★ We will deliver Takumi's valuable message with animation including things taken in the past.
★ Taking advantage of Takumi 's network, we will deliver a dialogue with nice people.
★ You can see artworks drawn by Takumi.

And we are thinking about future newsletter, announcement, goods sale etc for student (members) of Takumi University.
Because it is a very attractive site,
We are waiting for enrollment (enrollment) of many people!

"Takumi village"
⇒ Here, as a resident of Takumi village
We introduce therapists and practitioners recommended by Yamazaki Takumi.
Please try♪
And from now on, we are planning to recruit residents of Takumi village so please look forward to it ☆ 彡

"Takumi Market"
⇒ We sell Takumi's art work (illustration) and goods.
In the future, we also plan to sell items recommended by Mr. Takumi for a limited time.

In order to be a fan site that many people can visit,
From now on I will continue to make more content!
"Taku ☆ JAPAN" Thank you very much!

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