Friday, December 16, 2016


Osaka today~♪


We had 「learning of Japan」yesterday.

Next is・・・3/2


Ryohei Mochiuki participated・・・

and it was so good.


「Kimiyo Ikite」

I'm going to watchi this on 2/3!!!

Would you like to join~?



Today is sunny day・・・



Xmas tree in my mansion・・・

I feel the end of this year.



Anniversarry picture!!!




Hawaii island cafe image.♪



I'll finally get  license of liquior in shop in NY・・・


If you stay in NY♪




Thnak you!



In Australia・・・



In Nagoya・・・



In Sapporo・・・

Thank you!



Korea yesterday・・・

Thnak you Ryu san.



We talked for 90mins~♪



Prokan janken!!!

It was yummy!!!



Thnak you!




My frineds・・・



Thank you.





Yokohama today!

6000 people.

I'll do my best~♪





Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・

『How to success in Business is

not think about how much you can get from people,

think how much you can do best. 』

 (Dale Carnegy)



What you can do?

With what feelings?


When I met ewith Brenna Whitaker, she said

「I like your cloth!」

I got a lot of happiness by only one word.



You give, so you can be given.


We know the word of 'give and take.'

You know the amount of what we can take.


If you give, you get happiness.

You can get give back.

The most give I think right now is 'share of hurt.' Taku





Thank you!


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.