Friday, December 9, 2016

Hong Kong last day ...

Boys II men ...
When listened for the first time, I was so excited.


I met with them like this yesterday.
Kaoru san let me do・・・

A speech of Kaoru last night was great.
I felt like I back to oneself of those days.
I thought it to be "I'll do it!".


Two days ... which I spent in Hong Kong
It is short and is significant and shines vividly.


There were the person who was the first overseas travel.
For the person who was the first overseas seminar.
Like this change one's history to the story in this way.
Morita Ryoji was a birthday. Congratulations.
I talked about the meeting of Nagatomo in autumn with everyone.
I borrow the power of all for 22nd. Thank you everyone.


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