Friday, November 18, 2016

Together with Kei Tokuyama @ Umeda Tsuya Bookstore

Awesome things happen!
Dream realized producer Yamazaki Takumi's Asataku!

The 17th [Morning to get out of the box · · · motivation of a miracle]
Hiroyuki  Suyaki @ Umeda Tsuya bookstore

2016 / Dec. 17 (Sat)

7: 15 ~ 8: 30 (opening: scheduled for 7:00)
It is faster than usual !!!

2,500 yen (tax included)


Every time it is very popular!
A dream realized producer Yamazaki Takumi sends us a story that motivates you in the early morning "AsaTaku"
In the17th!

Morning to escape from the box ...
Motivation of a miracle! lol

From Mr. Suyama
Learn "How to escape from your own small" box "!!!
(Mr. Ayumu Goromaru, recommendation letter !!!)

Most of our troubles are about "human relations".
Let's learn the root causes and solutions to the deterioration of human relations!

The key word is "box".

<Inside a box>
• Other people are just a matter
• Look at other people with distorted eyes
• I think that it is bad that you are doing right thing

<Outside the box>
• I am seeing other people or myself as they are
"Seeing your opponent as it is" ... What kind of world is it?

Oh, I'm looking forward!!!


Application is here.

Subject: 12/17 morning appointment

Please fill in the following in the contents.
Name · address · telephone number · number of sheets · how did you learn about this seminar?

Hironori Suyama
Born in 1961, live in Fukuoka prefecture.
Founder of Irvinger Institute Japan Co., Ltd. (founded in 2007) established a dispatch company at the age of 41, focused on training staff but lost something wrong, a book that I met at that time, Irvinger I was impressed with his book "Leadership and Self Deception" and moved to the USA.
We participated in the research of Irvinger and established our company as a representative of Japan to convey our way of thinking.
Since then, we train individuals, small and medium enterprises to global enterprises, and resolve disputes and conflicts spread among individuals and organizations based on the idea of "Self Deception".
He is active as an expert on solving problems related to people, ranging from human resource development, human relationships in the workplace, couple and friendships.

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.