Saturday, November 5, 2016

Take a result which relates to the future in 3 days.

Hirosihma lost.
Kuroda vs Ohya・・・
I wanted watch~
However, every game was good.

Sapporo yesterday・・・

It was yummy~♪

total 4  hours・・・
I talked~♪

「This is my Life!」

I start chasing my dream since I was 20s.


I want to live nice.
be rich.
be happy.

How recognize「I am living cool」?
How recognize「I am living rich」?
How recognize「I am living happily」?

Tomomi Hasegawa's「Jibunni usononai ikikata」

3 days if you decide is important. 
Take a result which relates to the future in 3 days.
Reality connect to it.

3 days since then!

Thank you for writing about me too・・・
This book is nice.

 I went to Yamaokaya after meeting!

 cut my hair and・・・

with goast・・・

Nishikawa, used be Dreams come true's restaurant・・・

Thank you for after!


Thank you for your report!

It was moved!

You gave me motivation.

A little girl is living.
this gave us motivation☝

From Ogura・・・

 In eel well-established store of Kokura
~ Do you know "country hermitage"! ?
Individual eel how to bake is a little bit different! !
Now by all means ~ 🎵 (* ^^ *) 
Mars \ and nourished the elan for Sankei's and tomorrow's pre-seminar (^^) /

As the report is ...
Now, ~ take me ♪
To take me to the eel!


Today's Ekiden! !
Takamisawa Yasutama's ...
Japan University Women's Ekiden!
Message from Masumoto teacher was a former teacher of Her junior high school days! ! !
It seems to be the anchor!

[Ekiden] Matsuyamadai-Yasu Takamizawa, cut the first V tape! ... Japan University Women's Ekiden 30 days signal gun (Sports Hochi) - Yahoo! News
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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.