Saturday, November 26, 2016

I was moved by being able to spend such time with my group ~ ♪

Nina, thanks!
At last,
At last,
Rental started!!!

I wonder・・・




Event in Shibuya・・・

Thank you very much.
You say you are 70 years old soon? 
Really, I do not understand!!!

Drunk Tsubomatsu's music play ♪
I want to listen! I want to experience!

was fun!
Life is really ...

If everything is 'lie'
What kind of reality would you like to live?
What kind of experience would you like to try? 

Encounter with old friends from junior of high school ...
On the 25th we drink at the 10th office ~ ♪
From 20 o'clock ... (haha)

Terakawa san~♪

Thank you.

Thank you in Yamanashi too.

I'm moving from Yamanashi to Tokyo ...
I was impressed by autumn leaves from the window!!!
Beautiful heart is easy to move!


was delicious!

Also the onigiri ...
Thank you very much Kazumi.
I will go to the Baystars game, Tatsuo-san!!!
Thank you.

His paintings by Jakarta who were in the shop were backwards crowd ...
Fuji, I wanted to draw it ~ ♪


Today's night ... Basketball practice!!!
Spree Dents, basketball club ♪

When I'm playing basket balle,
Such a time
With such a group
I was impressed to be able to spend ~ ♪

With everyone
Life together, together
I want to have a big laugh ~ ♪

Sports are nice ♪
Good! Very good! (Lol)

Uhufu! (Lol)
won! won!


The times will change (lol)

Mutual work / side job introduction Small business even for medium and small 

To revise model employment rules



The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare plans to revise standard employment rules that will serve as a reference for companies in order to encourage concurrent business and side jobs as part of working way reform.

The current model employment rules prohibit both part-time work and side jobs, but revise the style to accept. As early as year >> Read more (External link)

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.