Monday, October 17, 2016

The world has been made to the "status quo".

Power ... to draw a dream
Power ... to fulfill a dream

The world has been made to the "status quo".
And live for people around the "Like"
Today and not the same as yesterday

live tomorrow as unchanged today.

Really how do you want to live?
What kind of life do you like, if there is no limit?

One of health care workers investigated such a thing.
"What people regret when we leave this world?"
Begin to reveal as soon as it begins to examine the outline ...

"Why, I had lived for the evaluation of the people?
Why did not you live for yourself? "

I regret the fact that I live in others axis
I regret that you did not live on their own axis.

People who lived for the evaluation of others
Evaluation of others is high ...


Yesterday afternoon, shooting!

Electricity disappear suddenly.
I think everyone was also seen on the news, but ...
Tokyo yesterday, was a big power outage.

Shibuya yesterday!!!

Junko yeay!



Miyagisan participated!!!

Thank you everyone!

I wanna go to Kagoshima~♪

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