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November 14 morning Taku 16th [continued motivation of the secret]

November 14 morning Taku 16th [continued motivation of the secret]

Popular class!
- Dream - realized producer Yamazaki Takumi, we can talk to be motivated from the early morning "morning Taku"
This is 16th!

This year's theme is "continued motivation of the secret"

Guests is Marumi Shiraishi, the actress.

Road ... came walking of Marumi Shiraishi's
" 'Mu ichizoku", "" Taiyo ni Hoero! "" Ijiwarubasan "
"Stewardess Story," "Beat Takeshi no gakumon no Susume"
"Tokuso saizensen", "Kaseihuha mita," "Kyukyukyumeishi" ... and so on.

She worked as a idol singer in Masataka Matsutoya produce.
Synchronization HoriChiemi, Kyoko Koizumi, Hiroko Mita, Yu Hayami, Iyo Matsumoto, Akina Nakamori ...
That's right, "82th of flowers".

Daughter is Mr. "Morinagashin Aya".

Her deep learn is personality psychology.
As a mother, as a woman, ... as a woman with a job
It will elicit the "continued motivation of the secret" and "youth of the secret"!
Personality psychological analysis is very fun ♪

<< Outline >>
■ date and time:
2016 November 14 (Monday)
7:45 to 9:00 (Doors open at: 7:30 schedule)
■ Location:
Umeda Tsutaya bookstore 4th lounge
■ Admission:
2,500 yen (tax included)
Capacity ■:
80 people
■ Lecturer:
Marumi Shiraishi / Yamazaki Takumi
■ Organizer:
Co., Ltd. coolpeace
■ Co-and cooperation:
Umeda Tsutaya bookstore
■ How to apply:
Sign up to here ⇒
* Subject: 11/14 morning application Taku
* Please fill in the following to the contents.
Name, address, telephone number, number of sheets, or became to know what this seminar.

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Well Rui happy
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Shiraishi rounded

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