Monday, October 17, 2016

「My challenge is leisure.」

Attracted because you decide.
Please try to commit.
Landscape will change.
Situation starts because you decide, "I'll do it!" it will trimmed.

Decide your heart.
Landscape around changes,
Unusual landscape change myself,
All of the events going ... to be the tips.

The goal first! ! !
Ways after! ! !
Rutaisu said the words.

Always interfere the "head" (thinking).
Is it possible?
If can not?
I can not go to far away when I was on the basis of the judgement.
As a result, it will maintain the status.

... Around me
There are friends who do not think fellow risk.
Ayumu Takahashi, climber of Kuriki Mr. ...
Touching their challenge, they say
"I think my challenge is a leisure".
So we're able to "feel free to challenge" -


Yesterday night seminar, was great! lol
Masashi♪ thank you
Chibitomo couple also was the best!
Mercy, cocoon, thank you!

Every staff~
Thank you so much.

anyway commit・・・
was great!!!

push it or pushed it.

seminar two days!!!
swim and run!!!

Good smile everyone♪

not do your best・・・「mame」
more than tension・・「concentration」
more than guts・・・「smile」

Kaisan group became team!!!

「Yamada udon」is yummy!
I ate in sky blue.

「 Miyaki」?!

山梨県富士吉田市新西原4-3-6 Shinnishihara, Yoshida, Fuji, Yamanashi

7436-2 Funazu, Fujikawaguchikocho, Yamanashi

If you get angry,

Count up to ten.

If you get angry more,

Count up to hundred. "

(Thomas Jefferson former president)

Although anger is called excrement of emotion
I want to have a good relationship with their own anger.

Thomas says, "put time between anger".
Feelings is example as clouds ... floating in the blue sky
Looks like there, but it appears to be no either.
Fade by time.


This time ...,
Next Australia is January!
Sydney in 23rd and 24th.
25th and 26th will be in Melbourne.

Ah! There is a nice tour that can "English experience" in Melbourne!!!

I want my friends go there!!!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.